Brad Pitt and his Make It Right Foundation are facing a class-action lawsuit from property owners affected by Hurricane Katrina.

According to NBC News, the plaintiffs claim Pitt’s organization sold them “defectively and improperly constructed homes” in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. The lawsuit claims the foundation was aware of the homes’ construction issues but failed to inform the owners about the needed repairs, thus depriving “homeowners of their right to pursue legal actions under Louisiana’s New Home Warranty Act.”

“While the citizens of the 9th Ward are grateful to Brad Pitt they were forced to file this lawsuit because the Make It Right Foundation built substandard homes, that are deteriorating at a rapid pace while the homeowners are stuck with mortgages on properties that have diminished values,” the plaintiffs’ attorney Ron Austin told NBC News. “We have filed to make Make It Right make it right.”

Pitt’s organization was founded in 2007, about two years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The foundation built energy-efficient homes in the Lower Ninth Ward and sold them at an average price of $150,000 to residents who were looking to resettle.

According to NBC News, some of the Make It Right houses have been left in disrepair—one of which was in such poor condition that it had to be demolished earlier this summer.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Lloyd Francis and Jennifer Decuir, who claim their homes were poorly built with “defective products.” The plaintiffs say they have had to deal with mold, improper ventilation, plumbing issues, rotting wood, and more. Though the plaintiffs say they were aware of these problems as far back as 2013, Make It Right allegedly told them repairs would eventually be made.

“The homeowners are gravely concerned that their homes, which suffer serious structural problems, will not last as long as their mortgages,” the complaint states.

Make It Right and Pitt are being sued for unfair trade practices, breach of contract, and fraud.

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