Monday morning (September 10), Kanye West announced on Twitter that he will teach two courses at a pair of Chicago institutions: the Art Institute of Chicago, and the American Academy of Art.

This is the same American Academy of Art that West attended before dropping out of college to pursue music full-time. According to The Fader, it is unclear whether or not Ye has held any meeting with these institutions. In a statement released by the folks at the American Academy of Art, West has no concrete plans to speak or teach at the institution. Though his interest in education may come as a surprise, the “All Mine” rapper has teaching in his blood. Donda West, his deceased mother, was a college professor for 31 years until she left the profession to look after West during his rise to stardom in 2004.

West also co-directed the inaugural Pornhub Awards and released cryptic tweets like “2024” to insinuate he may be running for president. It’s unclear what profession he may take interest in next week.