Cardi B and Nicki Minaj made headlines Friday (September 7) for an altercation that took place at The Harpers Bazaar’s Icon party at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. As expected, the internet and the masses, have had a lot to say with some taking sides, while others making fun of the whole ordeal.

Still, there’s no denying the incident sheds light on issues women in hip-hop have had for years. One of the game’s main contenders, Remy Ma, has come to the Invasion of Privacy rapper’s defense. During the inaugural episode of State of The Culture with Joe Budden, Remy argued that Cardi is still the same girl from The Bronx regardless of her success and that it’s unreasonable to expect her to be anything else right now.

“So, who is she? Because she makes more money now, she was born somewhere else?” Remy questioned. “She’s been Cardi B, the b***h from the Bronx, for 25 years. She’s been Cardi B, the b***h with the No. 1 record for one year. Sometimes people put these unrealistic expectations [on you] because you make a certain amount of money,” she continued. Remy, also a native of the boogie down stated that the industry, in general, should stop picking each other apart via social media, and stop the bullying all together. Since the incident, Minaj gave her version of events on Queen Radio show where she admitted to being humiliated.