Kanye West doesn’t feel like he’s conquered the world just yet. He might consider himself a god of the music arena, and even to some extent in the realms of fashion. But for him, the movie world is ripe for the taking. Kanye clearly doesn’t think he has enough strings to his bow, or just wants to fill up that last little bit of extra time he might have, as he has filed to launch a movie production company named Half Beast LLC, according to TMZ.

He previously moved to trademark the name in 2015 and 2016 to save it so that he had the opportunity to use it for entertainment services, and now he seems to be putting some kind of plan into practice. Could Kanye be taking over the big screen as well? Hopefully it’s not a step into dirty movies, after he recently revealed his porn habits to Jimmy Kimmel. He was later reportedly approached by one of the biggest porn movie companies hoping to crack a deal, and was offered a lifetime membership by PornHub, so it could actually be a possibility.
– Metro

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