Aiko Maya Roudette is a Vincentian documentary filmmaker who recently directed a short documentary that was selected to be aired at Trinidad and Tobago’s film festival 2018.

The documentary features Her Majesty’s Prisons, Kingstown and describes the nature and effects of the most successful rehabilitation program to be implemented in St. Vincent prisons. Aiko’s mother, Vonnie Roudette created the vetiver grass project, the project her daughter’s documentary is based on, in 2015 and commendably 39 participating inmates who have left the prison have not returned.

Many of the ex-convicts are using their new found skill to make a prosperous living as the products they create are in high demand. Vonnie Roudette also explained that the project has become sustainable now that the prisoners are training the new participants the grass weaving skills without the need for external trainers. The response from the inmates has been extremely positive and there are currently 26 inmates in Kingston and at the Belle Isle Correctional Facility enrolled in the program.

Aiko worked as a documentary cinematographer and editor, archival researcher, sound tech on narrative film shoots, director, producer, and production assistant. She is currently working on establishing the first film courses to be offered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.