Dance hall artist, Tifa believes that she shouldn’t have to be fighting for her spot in the dance hall spotlight since she’s been performing for over 10 years but with Shenseea being the hot new artist, Tifa seems a bit uneasy.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram account, Khago stated that Tifa is just upset that Shenseea took her spot, claiming the Romeich Entertainment artiste is now in the ‘driver seat’ she once controlled. “You Miss Tifa… Yuh just upset fi know seh the driver seat weh you did sidung inna a Shenseea sidung inna it now,” Khago said. The recording artiste added that during Tifa’s glory days she won a lot of awards which were intended for Lady Saw, Macka Diamond and Spice. He says she is only complaining now because the tables have turned. Khago added that respects Tifa as an artiste-songwriter and performer but she needs to stop complaining.

Khago’s comments came after Tifa revealed during a radio interview last week that the music industry is now ‘nasty’ and that was her main reason for wanting to retire. “The industry has gotten nasty…. I think it is the nattiest i have even seen it,” Tifa said. According to Tifa, dance hall is now filled with “a lot alliances and buyouts.” She alleged that industry insiders are paying disc jocks not to play other artistes songs, sponsoring shows not to add other entertainers on the lineup plus a slew of other corruption. The “Spell It Out” singers added that persons are trying to hold her town to try let others rise. Tifa shared that she has been in dance hall for over 10 years and does not believe she should be fighting for her place.