Usually when you use Google to look up your favorite artist, you would come across photos of said artist and various links leading to stories about them. That isn’t the case when you search for Hoodcelebrityy, specifically her net worth (which is shown as $100 thousand), instead you’ll be welcomed by a photo of someone VERY different, that someone is Vybez Kartel.

Whether the figure shown when you search for Hood’s net worth is actually hers and not Kartel’s is the confusion fans are left to face. When the mix up was caught by fans, they didn’t hesitate to share how displeased they were with it. “This is not funny s**k unuh m**a and dont try shake up di Gaza Kmft,” one angry fan wrote on Instagram. In a link lower down the Google search list, you can see a website stating that Hood’s net worth is actually $450 thousand.

A snippet of the search can be viewed below.