The married woman who received a ‘pair of eyes’ emoji from Usain Bolt found it necessary to “address the drama.”

Usain Bolt slid into Zoe Foster-Rosemond’s direct messages on Instagram, following a post made by her of her new hair cut. In the video of her “addressing the drama”, Zoe explained that she showed the message to her husband who was laying right next to her on the bed and he then questioned if she’s going to post the message. Zoe made the decision to screenshot the message and post it on her Instagram for all of her followers to see. Given Usain’s popularity, Zoe’s post got recognized by a gossip page on IG that highlighted Zoe’s post on their page as well.

The post made by the gossip page was swarmed with comments by Instagram users who believed Zoe posted the message in an attempt to gain popularity. The St. Lucian make-up artist/blogger wasn’t pleased with the comments and took to her youtube page to “address the drama” in the attempt to clear her name from all claims stating that she’s simply trying to gain popularity off of Usain’s name.

The video of Zoe addressing the drama can be viewed below.