Have you ever questioned what your favorite DC heroes genitalia looks like? If the answer to that question is yes and that hero you have in mind is Batman, then your wish to see the bat’s love muscle has just been granted.

Batman’s ding-a-ling is making it’s debut onto the pages and screens of comics that are definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work) for a three-issue ‘Batman: Damned’ miniseries, one of which is already out! In the new comic, written by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, fans also get a nice look at Wayne’s naked buns. What’s the context of the uninhibited nudity? Well, in this issue our dark hero struggles with memory loss, and upon returning to his Batcave, decides to strip down completely to get scanned by the Batcomputer for any injuries, per Comic Book.

In this sequence, you’ll get a little insight on some details about the bat you probably didn’t know. The first fine print you’ll be enlightened about in the series is: the hero goes commando when fighting crime in Gotham, and secondly.. he’s circumcised. Mixed reactions towards one of the first in DC’s Black Label series for mature readers were shared by fans of DC. “Can’t believe there’s people not happy about dc showing batman’s dick and trying to body shame bruce i can’t stand y’all dc hoes,” one agreeing Twitter user posted. “Of all the things I’ve ever wanted to see, Batman’s dick was pretty damn low on the list,” one disagreeing Twitter user posted.

“When [DC’s Black Label] opportunity was given to us, we decided, let’s not half-ass this. Let’s go all the way. We’ll either go down in a blaze of glory or we hit the ball,” Brian Azzarello shared.