Following the release of Jada Kingdom’s song ‘Banana’, fans of the artist started a ‘banana challenge’ which basically shows fans adding their own lyrics to the Jada Kingdom hit, gospel artist Chozenn doesn’t agree with the movement and decided to voice about his concerns.

Chozenn posted his “remix” of the provocative song warning young girls to abstain from doing Jada’s ‘banana challenge.’ “Tha one ya a fi the likkle girl dem weh mi see pon IG a do Banana challenge,” He said before singing, “The fruit addi sprit, ano banana a peace love and joy not banana…” Chozenn sang. He also saw it fit to share a scripture as the caption for his take on the song,“📌Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. 📌#NotBanana🍌#youngladies be wise and prudent it’s back to school📚 be a good student. ✔️#cultureinvasion#alsoselfcontrol#ignorewhatyoufeeling #ephesians6 obey your parents kids pls,” the caption read.

Jada was displeased when she saw Chozenn’s post and couldn’t let the comment on the challenge her fans started slide. “My fans started this Banana remix challenge. What’s bad about it?,” she questioned in a now-deleted post, “Why other artiste a tell people doh do it?”

“Am i in your way ? 😕…DAMN! Unuh a idiot? Mi have REAL LOVE fi di people dem inna mi camp yer? A suh unuh wah just walk round and mash up everything and everyone? Wah wi fi do ? Kill we one another? I’m done fam,annoyed asf. Nah seh a next word,” Jada added.

Chozenn’s remix of Jada’s Banana Challenge can be viewed below.