Grammy-nominated singer, Jah Cure was recently put on the hot seat by a St. Lucian songwriter who claims the reggae singer owes her some royalties and credits.

The lady took to her Instagram Live to call out Jah Cure for allegedly cheating her out of credits for songs she wrote for him. According to this songstress, she has been writing tracks for Jah Cure for years without compensation or credit, she claims she was promised writer’s credit for Cure’s album ‘Royal Soldier’ but is yet to get her recognition. She mentioned that the final straw came earlier this year when the singer cheated her out of credits to a song which appeared on DJ Frass’ “Road To Success” album, claiming that he was the sole writer of the track.

She has since threatened to take legal action against the Reggae superstar for the track, demanding that it be pulled from digital distribution, an action which would cause Dj Frass’ entire album to be pulled from shelves. Jah Cure has not commented on the issue as yet.