The Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Ministry of Tourism, sports and culture continue to recognize the need to preserve and foster great appreciation for the creative arts and culture, particularly so, to empower and power both technical and logistical and financial aspects of the festival, for the continued growth of the art form and youth involvement in the Creative and Cultural Arts form.

Recognizing this importance or need thereof, The Bank of SVG, the National theatre arts festival committee and the Ministry of culture, has all welcome the call to private and public sector partnership and cooperate social responsibility. The Bank has since been fulfilling this trust and has collaborated for several years to produce the National Theatre Arts Festival.

The 2018 Theatre Arts Festival will kick-start on 27th September with the official media launch to be held at the Bank of SVG Reigate building rooftop lounge and is scheduled to begin at 4.30pm. The evenings proceedings will hear remarks from a number of officials, a representative of the sponsor, Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Drama Development Officer, presentations by all participating groups, the Committee will also be making pitches to other cooperate and creative enterprise players.
We therefor take this opportunity to formally invite you to send someone to cover the launch and to make this news release in your public service announcements.
The festival will take place from November 2nd to December 2nd, 2018 at the Peace Memorial Hall, beginning at 7.30 nightly.

Will see presentation from the (5) five participating groups in the festival:
1. Reeja’s Theatre Alliance
2. Police Drama Club
3. Urban Expression Theatre
4. Division of Nursing Education PAC
5. SVG Community College PAS