It’s official Blak Ryno and his wife wouldn’t be adding 2019 to the number of years they’ve ventured into as a married couple.

Rumors that the two decided to call it quits surfaced back in April when followers noticed that they unfollowed each other on Instagram fueling the fire of their suspected split. Melissa Sewell, Blak Ryno’s wife, also removed ‘married’ from her biography and the two deleted photos that sported the other on their respected pages.

“Stepping into 2019 single, people come and go,” the recording artiste/actress wrote, “Life has definitely taught me a lot through out the years …. I’ve learned a lot!! self love come first, God brings people in your life as lessons and even blessings and one thing I’ve learned most is that when things end it doesn’t have to end on bad terms people grow apart,” Melissa posted on her social media confirming the split.