Dance hall artist Spice has been getting even more successful lately and isn’t shying away from lavishing in her monetary successes but onlookers seem to have a problem with that.

The ‘Sheet’ singer recently bought herself a pair of Gucci SEGA sneakers valued at US$1,500 that boast leather, mesh, reflective panels and boot-styled laces. Spice posted a photo of the kicks on her Instagram page with a caption that seems to imply that she didn’t even really like the sneakers prior to the purchase, “Friend : Do you like the new Gucci sneakers ? Spice: Meeeee no dem too ugly 🙄,” the caption read, “Next day Bam it’s in the car on it’s way home🤣. @gucci Obeah man strong🚶🏾‍♀️😅 from you go in the store Bam them in your purse.”

Maybe that’s the cause of the outbursts that followed in the comment section. One disagreeing fan wrote, “Smh. Spice wasting money on garbage. Gucci really laughing at our slave mentality. Imagine you buy sumn u nuh like because the name…”

“It’s amazing how we as black people will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars (1500 usd for these specially) on these so called “name brand” items (that look like crap) but will find it hard to spend a couple of dollars on our own people. Absolutely mind blowing,” another disagreeing user wrote.

Not all of her fans were against the purchase though, one who was in support of Spice wrote,“Goodie yuh shoes come all the way out pan the badmind f**ka dem that’s why dem hot fi yuh but ignore dem.”

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