Cardi B isn’t one to shy away from talking about sex so it was no surprise when she opened up about trying a sex enhancement pill, what was shocking though is the fact that following her tweet about the pill, Pink Pussycat sales flew through the roof.

Pink Pussycat pill sells approximately 100,000 of their product yearly but had an overwhelming amount of purchases since Cardi tweeted about it, so much so that the pill completely sold out. The pill promises to heighten sensations, increase libido and offer users a more intense orgasm for up to 72 hours. Whether it works or not is a question you can answer if you purchase one from the next batch of pills the company makes or you can just ask Cardi to send you one since Pink Pussycat is sending her a truckload of the pills as a little ‘thank you’ gesture.

“Ladies have you ever tried the Pink pussycat pill? What ya think about it?,” was the million-dollar tweet from Cardi’s twitter account that has Pink Pussycat wanting to officially team up with the star.