Shenseea has been climbing the ladder of success in the dance hall arena swiftly for the last few years, and may just be the rightful owner of Alkaline’s claim on the ‘youngest and the baddest,’ for female dance hall at least.

The ShenYeng Boss has been stirring up quite a buzz since she stepped onto the front line but her most recent eye-popping, show-stopping increase in ass-ets has the world in a bit of a friendsy. Not only is the 22-year old artist seemingly carrying more junk in the trunk but she is also carrying more followers on her ride to ultimate dance hall success. The ‘Love I Got For U’ singer has just made dance hall history once again by becoming the youngest dance hall artist to hit 1 million followers on her Instagram. Whether the drastic increase is due to her newer tracks or her “new” rear end is a question that time will have to answer.

Shen’s man..ager (according to her), Romiech Major previously declared that she was the first female artiste to score three major corporate sponsorship in a calendar year. Last month Shenseea also celebrated her new “Pon Mi” music video reaching 8 Million views on YouTube in less than two months.