An exhibit scheduled to commence from October 13 to 31 December showcasing pieces from mainland and Grenadine artists of SVG in the form of ‘The Grenadine Show,’ is a paired attempt by the Youlou Art Center alongside The Hub Collective of Bequia to connect St. Vincent to the sister islands of the Grenadines.

The exhibition will be held at the Youlou Art Center and the public is invited to the exhibit’s opening reception at the Youlou Art Center that will take place from 5 pm to 8 pm on October 13. The exhibit aims to form a relationships between the artists of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, while showcasing the lengthy list of talent onshore of our chain of islands. Lasting partnerships, exposure and opportunities for our artists is the ultimate goal of the exhibit.

The parties involved in making this exhibit a reality both understand the potential remarkable outcomes that can be met with the joining of forces and are eager to see the exhibition play out. The two organizations recognize the logistical problems facing our multi-island state and are focused on ensuring the inclusion and representation of all local artists, irrespective of geographical location.

The 10 artists from the Grenadines set to be featured in the exhibit are as follows: Chevaughn Gumbs: Paintings, Dannis Coy: Paintings, Felix Browne: Carvings, Anthony “Snakey” Thomas: Carvings, Mandela Jomo James: Carvings and Banana Art, Colin Peters: Paintings, Noel Quammie: Carvings, Romario Martindale: Paintings, Sylvanus “Silto” Simmons: Coconut Carvings and Waizero Johnson: Paintings.

The Youlou Art Centre is located in Villa, St Vincent and is owned and operated by Youlou Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on developing and preserving the arts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Hub Collective is a registered non-profit organisation providing creative, entrepreneurial and self-development opportunities in the Grenadines. Their new Creative Art Centre is set to open in January 2019 and is located in the heart of Port Elizabeth, Bequia.