With doors that opened in 1973, the Adelphi Secondary School will be welcoming their 47th year of existence tomorrow (October 5).

The secondary school boasts a total of 198 currently enrolled students, who ‘with hands and mind we strive,’ according to their school’s motto. Miss Cleo Rogers a member of the Anniversary Committee expressed the activities the school has been hosting in celebration of it’s anniversary with a keen understanding of the current high unemployment rate situation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She shed light to the school’s career day activity on October 3rd, where they invited a complex group of various workers to explain and show the students what their particular job title entails.

She explained that the wish is to have the students understand that there are numerous places from which they can seek and obtain employment, whether it be in line with the government, a privately-owned business or entrepreneurship. Ms. Rogers and the rest of the Anniversary Committee team do not shy away from the students that come across as ‘unruly’ or ‘hard-headed’ as they ensured that these students that seemingly ignore the harsh consequences that they may have to face if they trod down a path into violence, listen first hand from persons who have trod that road before and are now facing time in prison.

Ms. Rogers went on to thank stakeholders and past students who lent a helping hand to the school over the years.