The 2016 hotel robbery that left Kim Kardashian gagged, tied up and put in a bathtub with $6.1 million worth of jewelry taken, is still being handled in the court system. Kim’s former bodyguard Pascal Duvier and the company he worked for PROTECTSECURITY are now being sued by Kim’s insurance company who say Pascal ignored a number of warning signs and left Kim unattended at the hotel.

According to the publication, Pascal followed Kourtney and Kendall to the club without putting someone else on guard with Kim and failed to note how the front gate was missing a lock and how the intercom was not working – things he should have known. Documents also name the concierge for not having security training but neither the hotel or the man working the front is being sued since he too was held at gunpoint and taken up to the room and told to unlock the door.

Kim is not the one suing, just her insurance company who had to pay her the $6.1 million but is going after Pascal and the company blaming them for the robbery.