If you’ve watched Shenseea’s latest video for ShenYen Anthem, there is a high probability that you got a good laugh out of the beginning of the video.

In the first minute and a half of the video, a dialogue is done between Shen and some actors who are all dressed in Asian attire, with their faces completely made up to look like Asians as they try their best to mimic how Asians speak. The dialogue on it’s own is very amusing but fans of Shenseea are just not having it. Although Shen has a Korean heritage, onlookers believe that Shen’s take on the ‘Asian culture’ was completely incorrect and disrespectful. One would believe that Shen took this route to generate laughs, but some of the public just isn’t laughing.

“Their make-up is disgusting. This is terrible and offensive. Respect their culture and heritage,” a disagreeing viewer commented. Another disagreeing viewer commented “Can’t do this s**t. Furthermore, at least if you’re going to speak it, speak the actual language, not your English version mocking the way you think they sound.” “Love the actual song but the first part was pretty racist towards Asians,” another one commented.

Regardless of the backlash, the almost 4 minutes long video that Shenseea directed herself, has already generated 673,221 views on YouTube.