Sikka Rymes, Vybz Kartel’s cousin, is claiming that law enforcement in Jamaica are unfairly targeting him since he is one of the few people who were granted approval to visit the Wurl’ Boss in prison.

According to the upcoming artist, he has been detained and taken in for questioning on his affiliations with his cousin Kartel several times within the last few months for no valid reason. Sikka, whose real name is Javian Chambers, stated that he was detained along with 3 other men on their way to St. Catherine Adult Correctional Center in Spanish Town to take food for Vybz Kartel. Sikka explained that the officer searched his vehicle and even though he found nothing illegal in the car, he still detained all four men and took them to a holding facility in Twickenham Park for processing.

Sikka went on to state that he was questioned about his affiliations with Kartel and he was cautioned that he can spend up to 3 months in prison if he did not cooperate. “Dem start to talk bout we a person of interest and then dem start to start talk bout Sikka Rymes a Vybz Kartel cousin, and then dem start ask some questions weh me really and truly mi nuh know nothing weh dem a ask bout,” Sikka stated.

The police have yet to disclose why they keep targeting Sikka but expressed that they have full authority to detain and question anyone they want to since the crime rate in that parish is high.