Bruno Mars celebrated his 33rd birthday today (October 8) and what better way to do so than to have your friend who is also an accomplished singer to sing happy birthday to you while playing his guitar.

Bruno posted a video to his twitter account of his morning birthday celebrations which consisted of some cupcakes and Ed singing happy birthday to him. The caption was more eye-catching than the video itself although Ed has the voice of an angel, the caption read, “You know you’ve made it when you can hire Ed Sheeran to sing you Happy Birthday #ExtraForever! #HappyBrunoMarsDay!” The caption suggests that Bruno paid his friend to sing happy birthday to him, I guess when you’re famous you can’t sing happy birthday to your friend for free, right?

Sheeran also mentions some of Mars’ accomplishments in a silly but lovable manner singing “Happy birthday to two-time Super Bowl-performing Bruno.” Toward the end of the song, Mars demands that Sheeran start over, which he did with no hesitation. Back in August, Sheeran spoke about a possible collaboration and bromance with the 33-year-old singer saying “I was in the studio the other day with Bruno Mars. We know each other very well. We hang out . . . we hang out.”

The twitter post Bruno made can be viewed below.