Two members of the Migos have found themselves in the radar of unpaid taxed dating back to 2016.

Quavo and Takeoff owe back taxes to the state that has reached the level of thousands and have doubled as a result of interest and penalties. This past June, Quavo was served with a tax lien for his unpaid 2016 taxes. The amount unpaid was $9,000 but has ballooned to over $14,055.06 due to penalties. Takeoff was also hit with a lien for the same year and starting at $14,348.23. Fortunately for the group that could be made up for with a couple features or tour stops.

It’s not all bad news for the members of the Hip-Hop group. The Migos have had a highly successful 2018, which was kicked off with their Culture II album and continued with wins at the BET Awards, contributing to The Carters “Apeshit” single, being honored with the ASCAP Vanguard Award and they are getting ready to run across the country for a tour with Drake. That tax issue may quickly become a thing of the past.