The name James Gunn isn’t one you can miss if you keep up with film, since he was once the director of the infamous ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

A little backtrack for those of you who may not be aware as to why he’s no longer in charge of running the GOTG program, James was fired by Disney for some decade-old insensitive tweets about serious topics like rape and pedophilia. In the end, all of Hollywood and worldwide fans of James petitioned to have the director/writer rehired but Disney made the final decision when they announced that they will never rehire James (a bit much right?) please note that James hasn’t done anything but help Disney’s box office increase in number while he worked there.

Thankfully, James Gunn’s talents would not go to waste and we will be seeing his work again, just not with Disney. When DC Films and Warner Bros. realized that Disney completely discarded this talented man, they reached out to him and offered him the job of scripting Suicide Squad 2. Whether he will in turn also direct the film is still to be decided. That decision will be made after James completes the script for the film. Warner has been looking for somebody to take control of the new Suicide Squad flick, taking a look at original director David Ayer, Mel Gibson, Daniel Espinosa, and others. Gunn will reportedly offer a brand new take on the story told in the original DC movie and it is unclear whether that means a recast is in effect.

The first film was critiqued heavily by critics and audience members alike, scoring a measly 28% on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe, Gunn can improve the series in his sequel.