Clodagh McKenna, a well-known cookbook author and chef recently shared with the world that her secret ingredient to her silky beef chilli is SVG’s very own Vincentian Chocolate.

When speaking about Vincentian Chocolate, Clodagh stated, “I discovered an amazing chocolate recently called Islands. It’s made by Wilf Marriott, who is just 24, using the cocoa from his family estates on St Vincent and the Grenadines islands in the Caribbean. They grow the cocoa on their own land and transform it into chocolate there. This is unique because most chocolate companies either buy in ready-made chocolate to re-mould as their own brand or they buy cocoa at relatively low prices, often from Africa, and create chocolate from those beans. These beans have all been mixed up so you lose the origin and also the varieties of beans, which makes it difficult to control the flavors.

Islands Chocolate’s cacao is grown from seed in a nursery so its farmers know exactly what variety of bean they are planting. The company supports more than 100 local farmers by giving them free plants and advice, as it is vital that the industry is sustainable. It is the only chocolate company in the whole world that grows cocoa on its own land on one island and transforms it into chocolate on that same island.”

Clodagh McKenna is a chef, restaurateur and broadcaster who studied in France and New York and trained and worked at Ballymaloe. She is the author of five books and runs a restaurant in Dublin called Clodagh’s Kitchen. She has hosted numerous pop-ups in collaboration with brands including Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and The Whitney Museum. She’s published a total of 7 cookbooks so far.

Clodagh preparing the dish can be viewed below.