Kanye West visit to the White House was an interesting one. From dropping the f-bomb in the oval office to claiming the Kardashian family has low male energy to calling himself a “fine wine,” there was not a shortage of shocking moments during Mr. West’s bizarre meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday (October 11) afternoon.

Check out the 5 strangest quotes from his visit below!

1. He said people claiming Trump is a racist doesn’t affect his love for him. 

2. The “All Mine” rapper said there isn’t a lot of “male energy” in the Kardashian family.

3. Ye told Trump he should be flying in a hydrogen-powered plane rather than Air Force One.

4. Kanye slammed Saturday Night Live and liberals for bashing Trump, saying it doesn’t make Americans look good. 

5. The “I Love It” rapper said Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t make him feel like a man’s man, but Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan made him feel like Superman.

See full video below: