If you were a Austin Powers fan or familiar with the character, ‘Dr Evil’, then there’s a high chance you know the name ‘mini me.’

Mini me was a midget version to Dr. Evil and the two shared an undeniable bro-mance, and it seems that mini me, whose real name was Verne Troyer, didn’t quite give up drinking after the taping of Austin Powers. Verne was found dead seven months ago from an apparent alcohol overdose and doctors are now saying that the overdose was intentional. Troyer suffered from alcohol addiction for several years leading up to his death this past April. He was also in rehab on numerous occasions to treat his addiction.

Prior to his death, Verne was taken to the hospital after police received a tip saying that he was suicidal. He was reportedly being treated for alcohol poisoning because his blood alcohol level was triple the 0.08 limit. He remained hospitalized before he passed away a few weeks later at the age of 49.Following Troyer’s passing, his cause of death was “deferred” by the L.A. County Coroner’s Office because they needed to further investigation on the matter.