Our nation’s very own international airport has been operating for almost two years now and our government is still doing their best to maximize in the the country’s tourism sector.

SVG’s Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves issued a statement on Tuesday (October 16) expressing the government’s plans to break ground in Diamond to build construct an Express Holiday Inn. The PM explained the construction site on which they will build the 90 room hotel was chosen due to it’s close proximity to the fairly new Argyle International Airport. The state-owned Holiday Inn will cover approximately 6-7 acres of land in Kings Hill, Diamond, and is expected to host features capable of attracting Vincentians to the Inn for a little ‘stay-cation.’

“The idea is to have a Holiday Inn express type facility and to add a feature that will attract Vincentians who want to spend a weekend or holiday with their families,” Gonsalves issued in his statement. Gonsalves also mentioned that other facilities are being constructed within the framework of his government’s quest to build a modern, competitive society.