Kanye’s recent Trump-supporting stance may put him in the divorced category if Kodak Black gets his wish.

Kodak went live on Instagram telling Kim to leave Kanye and be with him instead.”Listen Kim, if you tired of that fuck nigga Kanye ’cause he on some stupid shit, fuck with me,” Kodak says while streaming live. “Fuck with a real Haitian boy.”

While he doesn’t specify exactly what “stupid shit” he’s referring to, it’s a safe bet to guess it has something to do with West’s unwavering support of President Donald Trump. Elsewhere during the session, Kodak weighs in on another woman who has caught his eye, Cardi B, going on to explain that because of his respect for Offset, he’ll have to go for the Bronx rapper’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, instead. “Cardi B tell your sister […] ’cause I can’t fuck with you, cause I can’t fuck you, ’cause I fuck with Offset,” he says during a hard-to-see close up. “I fuck with Offset… know what I’m talking about. He fuck with me hard and I fuck with him too.”

Although the comments certainly are wild, they still don’t quite compare to that one time Kodak filmed a NSFW video of his friends receiving oral sex on Instagram Live or that other time he accidentally exposed himself during a shower broadcast. His Internet usage has gotten him into legal trouble in the past, with one Instagram session alerting authorities to possible criminal behavior and resulting in the rapper being arrested on several charges in January, landing him in jail until August of this year.