The term ‘like father like son,’ may be the first thought that comes to mind when you read that Vybz Kartel’s son also picked up his dad’s habit of skin bleaching, but with a generation where a high percentage of the ‘Gaza Nation’ is bleaching, it leaves space to believe that the kid is probably just following the crowd and finds it easier to do so since his dad is also involved.

Likkle Vybz recently posted a photo of himself on Instagram and onlookers have been letting the teen know that they do not support his new enhanced skin tone. “A Adidja she say,” Likkle Vybz captioned the controversial photo, which drew the support of his father, who liked and commented on the photo saying “Adidja she say @likklevybzpg13.” “Like father like son, so Kartel bleach and now his son bleaching even before him done high school? Disgraceful mi cyan support this,” a disagreeing fan commented.

“You soon meet up with you daddy bro up a GP,” another fan wrote to which teen responded, “Sym and lift up off a me page.” The clap back did little to deter the backlash as one fan decided to criticize the “Worl Boss” himself saying, “So everyday Kartel on IG a cuss black people and then turn around and support minor kids bleaching their skin.” Vybz Kartel’s loyal fans did not, however, remain silent as they also came to the defense of the Gaza boss, with one fan declaring “A pure Gaza people over here so the rest a unnu go somewhere else and come off the youth page Gaza forever.”