In August, at a function dedicated to the official release of results in Grenada, Registrar of the Caribbean Examination Council, Glenroy Cumberbatch, revealed that 11,000 students who set the CSEC across the region received no passes for the 2018 May/June exams.

As of today (October 22), SVG has been made aware that of the 11,000 students that failed all the subjects they attempted this year, 32 of them are Vincentians. Minister of Education, St. Clair Jimmy Prince, disclosed the number while responding to a question he was asked in Parliment today. The Minister of Education went on to explain that of the 1,647 candidates that set the exam here in SVG, 923 were females and 724 were male. 13 female students of the 923 that set the May/June exam failed all the subjects they set and 19 male students of the 724 that set the May/June exam failed all as well.

On another note, this year also marks an increase in SVG’s number of students who received more than 5 CSEC passes as 520 students (330 females and 190 males) received five or more subject passes inclusive of Mathematics and English Language.