A Philadelphia-based songwriter, Daniel Marino, was compensated $44.35 million owed to him for his input in a song that went on to be featured in Usher’s Confessions album.

Daniel aimed the suit at his co-writer, William Guice, who was ordered to pay $6.75 million in compensatory damages, $20.25 million in punitive damages and co-defendant Dante Barton’s Destro Music Productions agreed to hand over $17.35 million. None of which were taken from Usher himself.

A Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury awarded Daniel the millions for the song he largely created by laying the guitar hook, tempo and chord progression named “Club Girl” that would go on to become Usher’s “Bad Girl” off of his monster 2004 album, Confessions. Confessions is still notably the second best selling album of the decade.