You may recall that Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ album was constantly being pushed back every time a release date was given, ad the reason behind it was that she wasn’t getting permission from Tracy Chapman to use a sample from Tracy’s ‘Baby Can I Hold You,’ for Nicki’s song ‘Sorry.’

Months after the album whcih did not feature ‘Sorry’ was released Nicki is finding herself being served for still releasing ‘Sorry’ without permission now. Nicki announced that the track featuring Naz will be available for fans to hear but not purchase, Tracy’s still not pleased and issued a statement saying the damage is already done. Minaj already violated the decision Tracy made to not have her song sampled. As a result, Chapman is seeking damages in the form of financial compensation for the use of her art without permission. Nicki’s team incessant requests followed by the leak could definitely be viewed as a disregard for the artist’s relationship to her creative property.

Although “Sorry” didn’t make it to the final version of Queen, it did make the rounds on the internet after being played on Hot 97 by Funkmaster Flex. It also got some rotation on The Breakfast Club.

The song can be listened to below.