Social media has been hit with punch no one expected to receive from dance hall artist, Spice, who appears to no longer be chocolate brown.

Onlookers and fans alike were shocked when Spice, who we all know as a proud black woman, posted a photo of herself looking completely Caucasian. In this photo that started the rise of ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ Spice is portrayed with pale white skin, long blonde hair and ice blue eyes. What followed her shocking appearance was the release of her latest song, Black Hypocrisy, which currently holds the spot for the #1 Reggae song on iTunes charts in America. The song can be found on her mix tape ‘Captured,’ and serves the purpose of shedding light on colourism among the black community.

Following the release of her latest controversial photos and music with a message, Spice’s fan base has grown drastically, the artist’s Instagram page jumped to 1.6 million from 1.5 million followers in one day alone. Some of her fans agree with her new move and direction, while others are completely against the ‘Sheet’ singer’s stance.

Spice’s ‘Black Hypocrisy’s current iTunes chart ranking can be viewed below.

A video Spice posted to put an end to rumors saying the original bleached out photo was just a phtoshopped picture can be viewed below as she tapes herself singing her Under Water Remix.

A video of Spice live on Instagram explaining why she felt the need to highlight black colourism and prove a point by “bleaching” her skin can be viewed below.

The music video for her latest single ‘Black Hypocrisy’ can be viewed below.

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