The Melisizwe Brothers, are musical trio of insanely talented brothers whose family is of Vincentian decent and they continue to make SVG proud.

The youngest of the trio, Zacary James, who is just a tender 9 years old, recently landed the role of voicing the theme song for an upcoming Netflix kids animated series, Motown Magic. The series which will begin airing on Netflix on November 20th, focuses on an 8 year-old character, Ben, as he discovers that he can bring street art to life in the city of Motown. The series is set to feature 52 newly recorded songs made famous by iconic artists such as Smokey Robinson (who also boasts the spot as the Executive Music Producer of the show), Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Lionel Richie, the Supremes and the Temptations. Zacary James is known for his vocal similarity to young Michael Jackson, who he is often compared to, so it was to no surprise that Smokey thought young James would be perfect to voice The Jackson 5’s ABC hit.

The hit song that was released in 1970, will make it’s retake debut as the theme song for the Netflix original series, with Zacary’s undeniably impressive voice. Motown Magic which is classed as a Kids’ TV, Kids Music, TV Cartoons, Music and Musicals film is expected to be exciting and family-friendly.

A video of the recording process can be viewed below.