Cardi B has been receiving some very disturbing text messages from an unknown person threatening her new born baby, Kulture, and the young mom isn’t about to just let it slide.

“I can show you screenshots of comments,” the “Be Careful” rapper said referring to the situation. “Who are these people threatening my child? It’s just really disgusting, disturbing things. We just don’t want to show our baby right now. I got offered seven figures [to show Kulture], but I’m just not ready yet. I get so many disgusting text messages, I had to hire a private investigator to figure out who sends me this shit.”

The Bronx rapper recently revealed she had to hire private help to find out who is sending her inappropriate texts about her daughter. On Wednesday (October 24), Bardi chatted with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden for his Beats 1 show on Apple Music and talked on a number of topics including her new single “Money,” her new “Taki Taki” collab with DJ Snake, Ozuna and Selena Gomez, and motherhood. Apparently, Cardi has really been going through it concerning the privacy of her child and people leaving disgusting comments and texts about the toddler.