Vybz Katerl’s homicide case is one of the most followed cases in the dance hall arena and with his appeal that was recently brought towards the Court of Appeal, the anticipation to find out whether or not Kartel will be walking away from the Correctional Facility anytime soon has risen.

Back in July, the Lawyers representing the co-accused stated that they believe the convicts will be released soon after the Court of Appeal views the new evidence they were bringing to the courtroom. Months have passed and an update about the verdict is yet to be heard, simply because no verdict has been reached. The lawyers of the co-accused, Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones and Andre St John, are now saying that they do not believe the verdict will be reached anytime soon, to the dismay of many dance hall fans.

Attorney-of-law, Bert Samuels, who represents Shawn Storm made a statement saying, “There are really no indications as to when a verdict will be reached, but Shawn Campbell is very upbeat and optimistic that he will be a free man and back on the road soon.” Samuels is one of the lawyers who had hoped that the verdict will be reached within the last quarter of the year, with the year’s end coming soon, this wish may not be granted.