John Soong, a Trinidadian entertainment business man, is keeping a close eye on the medicinal marijuana industry legislation that is expected to pass here in SVG on November 20th, with the hopes to invest in the production.

During his visit to St. Vincent, Mr. Soong, met up with the Minister of Agriculture and Invest SVG to find out more information about SVG’s plan to begin investing in the medical marijuana industry. John also expressed that he felt duty bound as a CARICOM national to support this major initiative in Agriculture. Although Mr. Soong has been working in the entertainment industry for years, he declared that he is solely interested in this motion for the medicinal purpose and not for recreational reasons. Mr. Soong emphasized that he believes traditional marijuana cultivators should be on the front line of this movement and encourages illegal marijuana farmers to consider the legal opportunities for them and their families to benefit from.

Mr. Soong is the owner and operator of the famous Zen night club in Trinidad and has a hand in Club Coconut, Internet Radio OJO and several radio stations including 96.1 FM, 94.7 FM and 107.7 FM. He ended by saying “This is the Caribbean’s time, let us not drop the ball on this one, we owe it to our people”.