Dj Khaled is working on multiple projects at the moment, from producing music to his home decor brand, but he is still finding time to join Will Smith’s upcoming animated film, ‘Spies In Disguise.’

The film’s premise surrounds Lance (Will Smith) and Walter (Holland). Lance is a charming spy while Walter creates the spy gadgets that Lance uses. After a dangerous scenario occurs, Lance and Walter must work together in order to save the world. The film is based on an animated short that Lucas Martell released in 2009, Pigeon: Impossible. Along with Khaled, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, Ben Mendelsohn, and Masi Oka have also been tapped for the voice cast in Fox’s Spies In Disguise. The extent of Khalid’s play in the film is yet to be known but with the listed cast, it’s anticipated to be a success.

After guest starring in the animated kids show, Blaze and the Monster Machines a few weeks ago, Khaled seems to be on a roll. He is also featured as a panelist on The Four, working on his Air Jordan collab and much more. However, these two animated films wouldn’t be his first time stepping into film and television. Khaled previously appeared in Pitch Perfect 3 and Netflix’s The After Party.