Rumors that Mavado’s 16 year-old son that was being held at Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre has been released on bail by his father, Mavado, has surfaced.

The teen was arrested and held for the murder of a 23 year-old, who was shot, chopped and burned to death in his home at Cassava Piece, Mavado’s old neighborhood. The rumors began spiraling after the Gully God hinted that he was back home in Jamaica, followed by a photo of his incarcerated son appearing to be in the comfort of his home that was posted online. A source close to the ‘Fresh Cash’ singer disclosed that the situation isn’t one Mavado is willing to share with the public since that it is such a delicate topic. “The boss a try avoid the media, so things are getting done behind the scenes,” the source said. “We all know how the media likes to put things out there and sometimes report on things that are not accurate, so the best way to deal with sensitive things like this is to try your best to avoid a media spectacle.”

Prior to this rumor, a source revealed that the sole reason why Mavado’s son was being dragged into this murder case is because authorities where trying to pin down Mavado but failed so they went for his son. “They can’t get the boss to pin something on him, so they are trying to pin it on his son. The whole Jamaica need to see and know what’s going on,” the source claimed.

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