Will Smith joined his wife, daughter and mother-in-law on an episode of Jada’s Red Table Talk show to talk about how him and Jada got together, and now the question that started their now 20 years relationship is a new social media craze.

Will Smith recollected on the show that after he divorced his then-wife he called up Jada, who at the time had moved away from Hollywood and bought a farm, Will started off his conversation over the phone with Jada by simply asking her if she’s good right before cutting to the chase. The question that started this idolized relationship was, “Are you seeing anyone?” after responding to Will’s question with, “No” and being told by him, “Okay, well you’re seeing me now,” Jada packed up her things and went straight to Will to start their life together.

On air, Will and Jada opened up about some of the challenges they faced together as a couple and how they were able to overcome each one. On Wednesday (October 24), Laid Bare Podcast host Oloni kicked off the #WillSmithChallenge, asking women to text their crushes with the proposal and post the results on Twitter, and that is exactly what fans did.

Some of the tweets can be viewed below.