‘Be Safe,’ these were the last two words exchanged between Lil Xan and Mac Miller before Miller’s untimely death, and now those two words are Lil Xan’s main focus.

Lil Xan canceled multiple appearances across Texas after he stayed in the studio to perfect his Mac Miller tribute album, ‘Be Safe.’ According to Lil Xan, he doesn’t want to give his fans a “half-ass” performance which he knows will happen if he doesn’t step away from the stage for a while to catch up on some rest after he spent long hours ensuring that ‘Be Safe’ is worthy enough to be released. As a result, Lil Xan wouldn’t be gracing a stage until November 6.

Xan unloaded his new $teve Cannon-assisted track, “Worst Day Ever,” which is a new track that uses an image of Mac Miller for its cover. Before that, Xan had been making Instagram posts about his forthcoming album dedicated to the late Pittsburgh artist. At the time he said the LP had been completed. “AND ALSO BE SAFE IS FINALLY COMPLETED,I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE HAPPY AND FELT THIS GOOD ABOUT AN LP DEC 3RD,” he captioned the post, which included a painting with the likeness of the lower half of Mac Miller’s face. It looks like that’s the Be Safe album cover.