Marijuana is legal in some states in the US and as the clouds of cannabis smoke rises so does the demand for places where smoking isn’t prohibited.

Thanks to an LA Developer by the name, Huntington Estates, those seeking residency in places where they can smoke openly will soon find an ideal home to puff away, that is, if they can afford the tab that comes on such a home. With their targeted market (athletes) in mind, the folks at Huntington Estate are dropping a whopping $30 million to $40 million on these homes. The luxurious mansions can undoubtedly be classed as a smoker’s heaven as they feature bongs in almost every room, purple neon lights on the ceiling and the visual art equivalent of royalty free music adorning the walls, did I mention a grand piano is also part of this deal?

The interior design itself is a knockout but get this, those who could do with a little CBD or THC assisted pain-relief can also enjoy the luxury of having a 2-year live-in employee or “dedicated harvester,” who will cultivate a maximum of 6 plants (the limit in California) in a section of the property called the “cannabis conservatory.” Come to think of it, maybe $40 million on a house isn’t that bad after all.