Christian organization, Youth With A Mission, will be breaking grounds on the 42 acres of land gifted to them on Mayreau to construct a discipleship training school and camping grounds to accommodate families from across the globe.

A pair of bulldozers on their way to Mayreau from Chatsworth, Ontario, worked up a total cost of $43,000 to be shipped, all of which was paid for by means of donations to the organization. The bulldozers are expected to reach the shores of Mayreau by the end of November and will be used to construct the institution as well as a soccer field for the kids on the Grenadine island. Murray Gostick, the missionary who is in charge of shipping in the bulldozers explained that this project will also benefits the residents of Mayreau by providing jobs for those who will aid with making the project a reality.

Gostick said they have people on the island trained and ready to operate and maintain the bulldozers. “We have good teams who always want to help,” Gostick said. “They have got so little in a lot of these places and we are so affluent.”