The Wendy Williams Show tends to zoom in on celebrity hot topics and recently the host, Wendy Williams, decided to talk about Spice’s skin bleaching controversy, but Wendy didn’t stop there.

Wendy pulled up all the files and dug into Spice’s affiliations and found out that Spice’s friend and mentor, Vybz Kartel, also bleaches. Wendy thought it was a good idea to bring Kartel and his son, who is also bleaching, into her ‘Hot Topic,’ segment, it wasn’t long before Vybz say the tape and called Wendy out on Facebook. The Wurl’ Boss clapped right back at Wendy, implying that she is a hypocrite because she also bleached her skin, and he even had the receipts to back his accusation. Kartel posted before and after pictures of Wendy Williams and it does appear like the talk show host had a bit of skin lightening done.

Kartel was backed by the fans of his ‘Gazanation,’ who also went full on trolling mode on Wendy. “Worry bout the Carpenter’s who nail up your thighs to your Chest and low people business,” Kartel wrote. “Azz look like when concrete mix UNDA WATA…. DUTTY ANGELA .. Smfh mirror broke hon? A wah hold you fi use mi Hood box you up.”

The before and after photo Kartel posted of Wendy can be viewed below.

The Wendy Williams Show segment where she talked about Spice and Kartel can be viewed below.