Drake, one of the most eligible bachelors in hip-hop, attempted to shoot his shot with upcoming rapper Steflon Don on Instagram Live last Thursday.

Steflon Don and her friend hopped up on Instagram with the caption, “STEFF & MOIRA ARE LOOKING FOR LOVE IF YOU INTERESTED CALL.” They received responses from numerous fans and Drake grabbed the opportunity to advertise himself as a catch and ask for a feature.

“I can hold my own in any room, you know,” he added. “I’ve known you for a while, we busting out jokes together. What else? What else? We could cook up chunes together in the stu.” The two have worked together in the past. He featured the XXL Freshman’s vocals on Scorpion cut, “Peak.”

He went on to say that he’ll even organize her wigs, fits, and heels to which Steff asks her fans and followers if the 32-year old artist is a keeper.

2018 has been good to Stefflon. The artist made her first appearance on the U.S. Billboard charts as a feature on Halsey’s gold single “Alone.” She also released her second mixtape SECURE to much fanfare paying homage to Lil’ Kim via the front cover.