According to new reports, Apple’s 5G iPhone may make its debut in 2020.

Currently, Apple is planning on making use of Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip in its cellular devices that year, but dissatisfaction between Intel and Apple have arrived after issues of overheating caused by the prototype 8060 modem chip delayed what was rumored to be a 2019 rollout. However, if everything goes as it should, Intel will be the only provider of iPhone modems.

The 8161 came after the 8060’s “heat dissipation issues” made the device too hot and damaged battery life. The 8161 5G chip boasts a 10-manometer process that will increase transistor density for optimum speed and efficiency. The issue at hand is not enough to cause Apple to walk away from intel as its provider or to turn toward Qualcomm. Qualcomm’s own X50 modem has also presented issues with heat dissipation. However, Fast Company reports that sources have identified chip maker MediaTek as a “distant Plan B.” While MediaTek is developing a 5G modem, its offerings typically go for lower-end devices.

Apple first began working with Intel on modems back in 2015, and this year’s line of devices was the first in which Intel was the sole modem provider.

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