Years after their split, years after the two have wedded different people, Ray J is still finding time in his schedule to talk about Kim Kardashian, but his last set of words about the reality star are all lies according to her.

Ray J was in London promoting his new single “Right on Time” at a media event when things got too personal for comfort. An intoxicated Ray J then allegedly began exposing his ex’s sexual proclivities, including an assertion that Kardashian once owned a Louis Vuitton trove full of sex toys. Ray J also claimed that Kim Kardashian would spend in excess of $100,000 solely on G-String underwear, just to suit her fancy. Fans of Kim commented saying that Ray J clearly has low self esteem to which Kim replied his statements are straight up lies.

Kim replying to the fan saying Ray J has low self esteem can be viewed below.

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only woman who is over Ray J talking about their old love life, Ray J’s current wife, Princess Love is also completely fed up of Ray J bringing up Kim’s name.

Ray J’s wife replying to a fan asking why Ray J is still talking about Kim when their both married can be viewed below.