Nicki Minaj just earned herself a spot on Billboard’s history list by being the first female artist to land 100 entries on Billboard’s top 100.

Minaj joined Drake, Lil Wayne, Glee and Elvis Presley on Billboard’s list following her latest single ‘Dip’ with Tyga making it’s way on the Top 100 list. Nicki has had a total of 17 songs including: Anaconda, Super Bass and Bang Bang, in Billboard’s top 10, none of which ever got her to the number 1 spot on Billboard’s top 100. Glee leads the Top 100 history makers with a total of 207 entries in the Top 100, followed by Drake at 191, Wayne at 160, Elvis at 108 and now, the first woman, Nicki, at 100.

Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram to make the announcement that Dip was her ‘record breaking 100th entry,’ although there wasn’t really a record to be broken, she just became the first female artist to get to 100, now her record is there to be broken. Some may argue that Nicki simply created a record, she didn’t break one.