Nicki Minaj sparked the controversy that she may have had a fling with Migos rapper, Quavo, in her recent song, Barbie Dreams, but now sources close to Nicki say she went through all that to get Cardi B mad.

Quavo responded to Nicki’s song with his own, Huncho Dreams, implying that Nicki Minaj and him did more than just hang out and talk. When asked about the length of Nicki’s ‘relationship’ with Quavo, Nicki’s source replied that Nicki is out of Quavo’s league and only entertained the young rapper to make Cardi B mad. The source explained that the two did spend time together but Nicki, “never slept with him and just wanted to use Quavo to make Cardi mad. Rappers like Quavo can’t get women like Nicki and they have to settle for Instagram thots, After dating Meek, and after everything she went through with Safaree, Nicki vowed not to mess with rappers or guys in the industry again because they are messy and she knows they’ll spill secrets of their relationship.”

The source didn’t stop there, they went on to reveal that, “Nicki doesn’t want to settle for someone who isn’t as successful as her, and she knows Quavo and a lot of these rappers are in record deals that will eventually leave them broke. She is too smart and knows better than to mess with Quavo.”